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Tinnitus are hearing hallucinations (whistles, whispering, ringing etc ...) which disrupt, sometimes seriously, the life of several million of Europeans, pushing them sometimes to suicide.

It is said to be an \“orphan\“ disease, because of frequent lack of remedy in the field of the allopathic and chemical medicine!

Tinnitus are located in the inner ear, yet, it happens that the ear (intermediate and inner) are related by nerves, circulatory and muscular with the articulation of the mandible ! This explains the success of occlusal therapy (of the dental malocclusion) which immediately restore the functioning of the mandibular joints!

This re-ordering is followed by a general feeling of well-being from the fact that muscular tensions, circulatory and nervous problems generated by the mandible dysfunctioning, has now been rehabilitated. The initial investigations involve clinical and radiological examination.

The clinical examination is an absolute osteopathic assessment centered around the mandible joints. These will be examined and analyzed through stethoscope. The Muscles will be tested. Kinesiology tests will be conducted. A circulatory assessment will be carried through oncology.

The radiological assessment will be based on:

• An occlusion profile of a brain scan
• Tomography of the temporo-mandibular articulations
• A complete check up of the backbone (from the front, and sometimes of the profile)
• A \“full dental » radiography

The treatment will be based on FIXED orthotics and/or on orthodontic or prosthetic proceedings, depending on each case. The \“gutters » are widely outdated, they have been obsolete for several decades! The monitoring will be multidisciplinary, occlusodontic osteopathic and naturopatic.

In the majority of cases not only the tinnitus disappear but also a litany of unrest sometimes quite crippling.

They are:

• Headache
• Back pain from the cervical zone to the lower lumbar region
• Pain around the ears
• Clicks or crackling of ATM
• Reduction in auditory sharpness
• Hyperacusis
• Dizziness or dizzying states
• Chronic Sinusitis with acute phases
• Phlegm coming from the nose
• spasmodic muscle contraction surrounding the eye
• Field of vision disturbed
• wake-up fatigue or chronic fatigue
• Mood disorders
• Depressions or depresive state
• Digestive disorders:
• Acidity
• Acids wafting up
• Ulcers
• Intestinal Spasms (diarrhea- constipation)
• Female Cycle Disorders
• Frigidity
• Male sexual disruption
• Skin allergies
• Asthma
• Various Skin Pathologies
• Etc.

As you can see, the game is well worth the candle !!!

Bernard Montain