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The name of this illness comes from the latin «lupus » meaning "wolf' for two reasons :

Behind this mythical name but however familiar, hides a cruel "auto-immune" disease in which the organism automatically destroy itself.

For various reasons, it becomes impossible to manage and control the Lymphocytes B, which may lead to the self-destruction of all the organs !

For Garnier and Delamare, lymphocytes are mononuclear Leukocytes (white blood cells) whose diameter varies from 9 to 15 microns (Big L) to 6 to 9 microns (Small L)

The initial symptoms are eminently various, given the many-sided nature of the disease. It may be a brutal ascent of the temperature , accompanied by loss of appetite , vomiting and lymph nodes inflammation suggesting an acute infection , or evolving quietly , slowly , over months or years , with sometimes exccess of fever !

The first symptoms are not characteristics of Lupus and the diagnosis often difficult to put down. The » American College of Rheumatology" has determined a classification that others consider as a basis of diagnosis: To be considered as suffering from SDL, the patient must present at least four of the following criteria :

SDL can therefore be translated by varying symptoms and concerning almost all the organs.

At the skin level (80% of cases) : symptoms on areas exposed to light. We witness a sun photosensitisation. The eruptions are brutal, in the initial form of red swollen patch, ranging classically from the cheekbones to the nose.

We can also observe lesions in the form of red disks at the same time the loss of hair in patches ("Patchy Alopecia ")

On the mucous: you can find ulcerations at the level of the mouth and nose

At the level of joints, and in 75% of cases, one observes inflammations with gumboil (swelling), redness and increase in local heat... They may be bilateral, symmetrical or still unilateral, acute or moderate, concomitant or not other organic disorders.

SDL arthritis can be distinguished from others due to the absence of destructive lesions (as in the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis).

The joints more often affected are those of the hand, the wrist, the knee elbow and of the ankle.

As in many cases, the conventional medicine admit that the causes of this disease are unknown! The care therefore can only be anti - symptomatic !

Natural Treatments 

For Naturotherapy, it is a disease with multifactorial origin, as for all the families of autoimmune diseases symptoms !

Among the well known causes in natural medicine , let us mention: heavy metals intoxications from dental amalgams (even removed ) , vaccinations , atmospheric pollution , incinerators for household litter, crematoriums , cigarette , active or passive !

The deficiencies and excesses also play a role, as well as stress, insufficiency and poor quality of sleep. At the end toxins, body waste, are not always disposed of correctly.

Bernard Montain