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Health through your teeth

When the two dental arches do not fit together properly, after wrong positioning, absences or worn out teeth, or incorrect laying of prostheses, the mouth is in malocculsion. Consequently, it leads to an unexpected and important disorders all over the organism. It represents a permanent imbalance which, by the nervous systems osteo-muscular and circulatory, may reflect in the long run, causing lots of pathologies: pain in the head, the neck, the back (the famor sciatic); disease of the ear, skin or the reproductive tract; digestive malfunctions, psychological, endocrine etc.

By eliminating the malocclusion, Dr. Bernard Montain has notably gained considerable success against these disturbances, and about 90% of his patients have gotten rid of the symptoms from which they were suffering for many years.

His training as naturotherapist, medieval psychologist, and his specialty in natural medicine, allow the author, moreover Doctor in dental surgery, to show the path towards medical prevention (medicine of the future by excellence) and to reveal the importance of the mouth in the overall balance of the human being.

Bernard Montain