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Multiple sclerosis (or MS) has emerged in the western world, obviously in coincidence with the use of dental amalgams commonly referred to as fillings 

At the moment, multiple sclerosis does not exist in poor countries where dentistry is out of price for the overwhelming majority of the population. It is considered by allopathic medicine as an orphan disease, that is incurable by chemical treatments. These may only have limitations on symptomatic effects; they do relieve but does not cure !

There exists however for years, ultimate solutions, although carried out by isolated medical professionals, far from hospital services and research institutes. Scientific publications are not handy for them as they are not registered with the medical thinking in place.

This is how Dr. Catherine Kousmine had healed several hundreds of persons suffering from multiple sclerosis before publishing, in 1984, « multiple sclerosis is curable ». Dr Seignalet and Swank have followed this passionate path. For his part, Bernard MONTAIN has worked extensively on the toxicity of dental mercury and its effects on humanity and consequently the outbreak of diseases said auto-immune such as multiple sclerosis.

This book summarises 30 years of research in natural medicines. It describes the path which is sometimes difficult, but how much profitable, which leads to the healing of MS or multiple sclerosis and definite health recovery.

Lots of people have already benefited from treatments, which have been successful in the vast majority of cases. In addition, falling within the framework of natural medicines, they are devoid of any risk!

Bernard Montain