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What we need to know

All my questioning on dental amalgams derives from the instructions which were given to me upon my arrival in the Faculty of dental surgery, from my years of Medicine : “do not touch the dental amalgams with the fingers !!

These are the same amalgams that I was supposed to place in the mouth of my patients !

The case of awareness in this level-headed way compelled me to pursue the objectives:on the one hand, observing the old hippocratic principle “primum non nocere » (first not to harm), to make use only of non-polluting dental fillings, whatever be their volumetric importance, and on the other hand, find the explanation for the instructions that I had been given .

As regards to the first objective, I found, in the therapeutic equipment, a very effective solution : Inlay-onlay, in gold or ceramic, which has all the virtues, except one: The price to place is largely offset by its durability. It makes it, after 20 years, statistically the cheapest of all the dental fillings!! And when one knows that the number of inlay-onlays last longer more 40 years, “there's no question about it “ !!


What is an Inlay-onlay?

It is a seal, prepared in the laboratory, from the fingerprint taken in the mouth by the dental surgeon. This filling has the unique originality to be sealed and to possess a bevel, carved in the enamel (outer layer of the tooth which is very mineralized). This aims to maintain watertightness that avoid recurrences, common in decay under the amalgams or “Composite ' fillings, all the more numerous that they are voluminous.

Then arises the question of sealing cement. In addition to the health products developed in France and Belgium (one can find over 80 of them on the website), we have developed a non-traumatic sealing cement for the pad but whose formula has not yet been patented.

The inlay-onlay is widespread all round Northern Europe, the United States as well as Japan. In France and Belgium, black-out “on the nuisances of dental mercury and the scandalous disinterest of the “Social Security“ and other “social“ organizations for dental care that they have relegated to the rank of therapeutic curiosity !

As for the “composites“, for me they represent, a bad solution except, may be in the form of composite inlays-onlays.

What is a “composite“ ?

It is a substance allowing the sealing of dental cavities and consisting of two “phases“, one mineral, the other organic (50/50):

The mineral part is generally composed of silica and other mineral substances: the one that is talked over and which is indicated on the packaging !!

From the organic part, no-one talks about it ; it is nowhere indicated and the chemical companies which market these products never do. The 12 constituents of this chemical phase have been indicated to us by an employee of a big American firm who has been fired immediately after the press release.

We find here substances which are regarded as carcinogenic and others, so toxic to the pad, that we often discover pad necrosis on the teeth carriers! Not to mention recidivism and secondary coronary fractures !!

The second objective set following the instructions given to students in dentistry was to try to know the toxicity of amalgams.

It is from frequent contact with foreign colleagues and Swedish, German, American and Japanese scientific communication lectures (in English!) that i realized the extent of the deafening silence imposed in France on this important question of dental mercury amalgams ! Why so many lies, in this beautiful country of France, and in some bordering regions ?

I will answer through a sad story in the course of which the scientific authority have lied a lot, but that Europe started moralizing: the Tchernobyl events.

In the month of June 1986, part of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, spreading a poisonous cloud on the major part of Northern Europe, the center and the West. Extreme restraining measures were taken in the whole of Europe, except ... in France !!

The Rhine has once again played its protective role like in 1870, 1914 and 1940!!!

The scientists, taking refuge behind Pr Pellerine great stature, were holding up, despite all evidence, that the famous cloud did not affect France.

Since then associations have been formed, trials were conducted, measures of radioactive particles and of radioactivity taken, which have led to justice the trial Mr Pellerin for lies dating 20 years back!

Why, then, so much contempt and lies for others ? Not to frighten the good people of the state of nuclear-weapon, they have been told, since the beginning, that the explosion of a nuclear plant was unthinkable !!

It is the same for dental mercury. Sleep brave people, the “Scientific Authorities“ shall watch over you! Above all, do not panic! Everything that is said outside our borders is without value for us!

“Truth beyond the pyrenees, mistake on the other side »

It is unthinkeable, for the social organisations, widely “in trouble“, to spend a little more money in dental care. The good people were kept in ignorance by ridiculous allegations !

Then, what to do ?

If you suffer from various ills ranging from headaches, multiple sclerosis or Lupus and going through:

Chronic Fatigue
Concentration Difficulties
Memory problems
Depressive states

Look into your mouth!

If you see amalgams or composites replacing Amalgams in there, ask to do, by correspondence, a determination of Mercury level in the stool , the saliva and hair (address of the German Laboratory at the end of the article)

After determination of mercury in the stool, saliva and hair, the removal of Amalgams is sometimes needed. This operation is very delicate and largely out of the reach of french dentists (for which the removal of amalgams is prohibited by the medical orders!) and the majority of European dentists: They have not learned the techniques, do not know the protocols and do not have neither the indispensable equipment nor the facilities in their premises. In fact, sometimes we have seen catastrophes as a result of (wild) demountings (they are all of these!), up to Multiple Sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, scattered erythematosus Lupus, etc...

Bernard Montain