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We are interested here with pathologies acquired from cardiac and vascular devices, excluding many innate pathologies ( or "genetic") : CARDIAC FAILURE , CARDIOMYOPATHY AND PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES 


It is rather frequent in subjects over 65 years olds and its prevalence is growing exponentially and becomes almost the rule in patients hospitalized "in the long term »!

It may come from one side or another of the heart: it responds well to treatments we indicate further, both among the elderly subjects as well as young people!

In elderly subjects, 75% of IC are accompanied by arterial hypertension (AHT), which hampers blood ejection and coronary heart disease which leads to heart muscle defficiency.

The symptoms due to the IC are:


It corresponds to a diffuse attack of the cardiac musculature. One distinguishes classically 3 types of malfunction of the heart muscular portion:


Two systems of vessels of small gauge exist: The superficial one that irrigates the skin and its deep layers, the other one, deep, which fuels the skeleton muscles. With time, the circulatory difficulties increases and ends up disrupting the way of life;

In this category of pathologies, we distinguish arterial disorders and venous diseases.

Arterial disorders:

They consist of

Small vessels syndrome

Is translated in a decrease of the blood flow in a limited cutaneous area or a bluish area (cyanosis) or necrosed on a foot or a hand otherwise normally irrigated.

Peripheral atherosclerosis

Is defined by Garnier and Delamare like a "variety of arterio-sclerosis characterized by the accumulation of amorphous lipids in the tunic intern vessels ("atherosis ") ". It results in atherosclerosis plates.

The Raynaud's disease

Appears, especially in cold weather, by blood vessels contracture translated by temporary whitening or blueing of teguments.

Venous disorders :

They are translated by thrombosis, chronic venous failure, varicose veins and superficial thrombocytopenia.

Venous thrombosis

Is characterized by an obliteration ("thrombus ") of a deep vein

Venous failure

Occurring after a thrombosis and destroying the venous valves and the closure of concerned veins.

Varicose veins, characterized by sinuous superficial veins and of increased caliber, with valves becoming ineffective

Superficial thrombocytopenia, appearing in subjects suffering of varicose veins at the origin of blood clots forming thrombosis and superficial inflammation

Bernard Montain