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Some information: The three pathologies described above are part of cephalalgia designating all the pain found in the head!

Cephalalgia is a tenacious and violent pain, while the headache, as per Garnier -Delamare, is a " characterized syndrome from intense on and off cephalalgia, most often unilateral, situated mainly in the temporal and orbital regions, accompanied by general ill-being, nausea and vomiting"

The disorders appear after alerting symtoms ("prodrome") which may be scotoma, an alteration of the mood, anorexia, a transitional facial paralysis.

Cephalalgia often concerns the whole of the head, but may also be only on one side, starting from the eyes' region, or the eye, if they are unilateral ; they are accompanied by food disgust, nausea, vomiting and sometimes of photophobia .

These fits, which can last several hours or several days repeat itself year after year, on a large part of the life; they are often found among such or such member of the same family


The causes of cephalagia are innumerable, but the most frequent are of extra - cranial origin. Among these - we can quote: 

Among cephalalgia intra-cranial causes, let's quote:

The duration, location, frequency, intensity and nature of cephalalgia allow to better understand the causes. Cephalalgia that are less frequent, are often due to an «acute» cause; those are related to alcohol abuse, to temperature or fatigue.

In case of intra-cranial injury, some of which are tumors, cephalalgia can be set-off or modified by posture changes.

Bernard Montain